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Blog Migration Complete!

Posted in Thoughts & Opinions with tags on March 24, 2012 by Lucinda


I think I’m finally settled in now. My move from to a self-hosted site is complete. I’ve learned a lot about web design and refreshed my memory quite a bit in the process. I’ve enjoyed creating a unique look for my blog and I hope you’ll like it. It’s really been a lot of fun.

This old site will still be available, but I doubt that I’ll be posting anything new here from now on. It’s just not practical for me to mind them both.

Please click over to see my new design at and let me know you stopped by. All comments and criticisms are welcomed.

Also, I’d love it if you’d consider subscribing to the new site by using the widget in the right side panel.

See you there? :o)


$100 Disney Gift Card – My First Blogger Giveaway!

Posted in Thoughts & Opinions with tags on February 28, 2012 by Lucinda

You may not have noticed…but Without a Care in the World has moved. I recently migrated my blog posts from this WordPress-hosted site to a self-hosted site. It was kind of exciting and I’m totally enjoying my new found bloggie freedom.

One downside to the move though is that I’m not able to take my followers/subscribers with me. Your stuck here…in the old blog and I have to convince you somehow…to subscribe again on my new site. Maybe a $100 Disney gift card would inspire you. Maybe?

Well…guess what! I’m co-hosting my first blogger giveaway with many other Disney bloggers…and we can’t wait to give one lucky reader a $100 Disney gift card. You’re definitely going to need to click over to to enter for your chance to win.

And while you’re there…please consider subscribing again. The email form is located just below my photo on the right sidebar. Many thanks…sincerely!

Disney Blog Hop – Pirates Edition

Posted in Thoughts & Opinions with tags , on February 10, 2012 by Lucinda

We’re talking about pirates this week on the Babes in Disneyland Disney Blog Hop. If you’re a fan of these mischievous marauders, be sure to click over and check out all the pirate posts there.

I’m definitely a fan of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I enjoy stepping back into that era through fantasy, adventure and scandal. I adore the costumes and the dialect. And who doesn’t love the eye candy? Hubba hubba!

But even more than the movies…I seriously love the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida. When I first rode back in 1975, I thought I’d seen the most amazing thing ever. And though my kids are much more difficult to wow than I was as a child…they’re pretty impressed with the attraction themselves.

This is definitely one of our must-do’s…and more often than not, it’s our first stop when we visit the Magic Kingdom.

I’m still working on getting some good photos from this attraction. It’s a dark ride so flash photography and lighted videography are forbidden. Please…adhere to this policy because if you don’t…your fellow crew members will hate you and they just may throw you overboard.

But no worries…you can still get good photos even without your flash. I know this because I’ve seen good photos of PotC. I just haven’t taken any myself yet…but I am improving.

If you click over to Focused on the Magic, Debra Ann shares her dark ride photo tips there. You’re sure to get a good shot if you follow her advice. I can’t wait to try it myself!

Disney Blog Hop – Favorite Disney Parks Dinner

Posted in Thoughts & Opinions with tags , , , on February 3, 2012 by Lucinda

This week on the “Disney Blog Hop” we’re discussing “Favorite Disney Parks Dinner.” Head over to Babes in Disneyland to see what bloggers are saying about their favorites.

I love Disney Parks dinners, but I’m not good with favorites. I’d have a very hard time choosing one Disney restaurant or meal that I like more than all others. I love nearly all kinds of food and there are so many wonderful restaurants and food options to choose from.

I can easily say however, that as a stay-at-home mom, my favorite part about a meal at a Disney park or resort is that I don’t have to cook it and I don’t have to clean it up. And aside from a few dinner reservations here and there, I don’t have to plan it either. But there’s more to it than that…

My youngest son has sensory issues and many restaurants are not at all ideal for him. He is a finicky eater and has trouble sitting still for a meal, even at home. Add all the distractions of dining out in a strange place and it can be a for-sure overload for him. This usually results an early exit for me…without getting to eat all my dinner. I hate when that happens.

This is not a problem for me at Disney. They offer kid-friendly foods and kid-sized buffets. The character dinners are a big help too, as they keep my fast/light eaters entertained so I can actually finish my own meal before we have to go.

One more aspect that I adore about dining at Disney…their attention to the special dietary needs of their guests. My problem with wheat generally keeps me from dining out at all…ever.

While more and more restaurants have started to adjust to special food issues, no one does it like Disney. I let my server know about my restriction and I can trust that the chef will safely guide me to my available options.

It’s a very special treat that I can actually relax and enjoy my Disney meals with my family, as I can no where else. It’s just one of the many reasons that I’m always looking forward to my next trip back to the World.

The McKinneys Meet the Mickey Moms

Posted in Mickey Moms, Thoughts & Opinions with tags on January 31, 2012 by Lucinda

One of Walt Disney’s most admiral qualities was his persistence. He faced adversity time after time, yet he pushed through to his dreams continually. Lucky for us that he did!

You can also find this characteristic in many (if not all), members of the Mickey Moms Club. This group was created by the Walt Disney World Moms Panel staff to give unsuccessful applicants a place of our own…”an exciting hub and practical resource” for Walt Disney World enthusiasts. We are a group unable make it as far as we wished (yet)…but we keep our hearts in our dreams and we try, try, try.

There is compassion and camaraderie in this group as well. When MMC member, David Mullican asked for support in helping his neighbors win a family trip to Walt Disney World, many members came to his aid and submitted nominations to The McKinney’s did not win the contest, but they are far from being losers.

David’s request was for no ordinary family. Eric and Stephanie McKinney are in fact, quite extraordinary. They are adoptive parents to six beautiful children with special needs. Born into a world of alcohol, drugs and/or violence, these children did not receive the loving, caring parents that they deserved. The McKinney’s stepped in and turned their worlds around.

The initial plea for nominations has now become a group effort to send this well-deserving family on a trip of a lifetime to the happiest place on Earth. Heidi LaDuca started the ball rolling by offering her Florida vacation home for the trip. Other members followed with offers of park passes, gift cards and souvenirs. You see…Disney souls are persistent. And we’re not taking “no” for an answer. The McKinney’s ARE going to Walt Disney World.

A facebook page now exists for the family’s upcoming adventure. Biographies of the children and updates can be found there. Word of warning…some of the biographies are extremely difficult to read. Come equipped with a handkerchief or tissue.

Whether just out of curiosity, or to find a way you can help too, please visit and “like” the McKinney’s facebook page…and be sure to share with your friends and followers.

CLICK —>The McKinney Family’s Dream Trip to Walt Disney World

Disney Blog Hop – Disney Bucket List

Posted in Thoughts & Opinions with tags , , , on January 26, 2012 by Lucinda

Welcome to the “Disney Blog Hop”…brought to you weekly by Babes in Disneyland. Sincerest thanks to Lisa for providing blog readers and blog writers a place to gather and share Disney passion and information.

This week’s topic is “Disney Bucket List.”

Everyone knows what a bucket list is and many have actually written one. I’ve seen Disney bucket list memes before, but I’ve not ever in my life thought about what mine would include. I think it’s finally time to make one.

1. Behind the Seeds – Living with the Land is easily one of my most favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. I love plants and I’m an avid gardener. One of my oldest daughter’s childhood friends is a manager there and I’m just fascinated and curious about the work she does. I’d love to know more about what’s going on beyond the boat ride. I hope to cross this off my list on my next visit to Walt Disney World…and I hope to do this SOON!

Wave “hello” to Laura!

2. Revamp – I have a long mental list of changes for this blog. I want to become a self- hosted site to give myself more freedom to control my design. I’m currently reading Blog Critique (thanks Donna!) and sitting in on free programming methodology lectures from Stanford.

I want to include more Disney crafts, recipes and party ideas…my head is full of them. I also want to write a formal proposal for a family grand gathering and submit basic park information as blog posts directed towards my sisters. There’s just so much I want to do, that I often overwhelm myself. I need to write up a blog plan and attack it in manageable segments.

3. Family Grand Gathering – For years I’ve hoped to travel to WDW with my four sisters, our families, our father and stepmother. This is no easy feat with all the different schedules and travel budgets. Still, I plan to give it one last shot with my “Sister Series” posts as I attempt to advise and coerce my beloved siblings into a Magical Disney Family Reunion. This ain’t going to be easy. Send pixie dust, folks!

4. Walt Disney World Cast Member – This wish has been with me deeply since late 1998. I’ve actually applied to the Walt Disney Company numerous times and hold each rejection letter dearly as memories of my journey to obtain this goal. I quit applying during the pregnancy and birth of my two youngest children, but they’re school age now…and the fire is burning inside me again…hotter than ever. I want to be a Walt Disney World cast member!

So…what’s on your Disney Bucket List? You don’t have to have a blog to share. Just leave a comment about what Disney wishes you have yet to fulfill.

The Disney Blog Hop – Special Smiles with the Characters

Posted in Thoughts & Opinions with tags , , , , , on January 19, 2012 by Lucinda

The Disney Blog Hop is back in full force over at Babes in Disneyland. If you’re a Disney blog reader or writer, click over and check out the posts from all the great bloggers that have joined in. If you have a Disney post to share, please join us!

This week, the topic is “Special Smiles with the Characters.”

Now, up until May of 2006, character interactions with my group were a really small part of our overall Walt Disney World vacation. The difference in 2006, was the addition of a new Disney travel buddy…my then 21 month-old daughter, Miss Ivanka. It was actually her 2nd visit to Walt Disney World, but she was able to participate so much more this time.

This was our first year for table service dining as well. It was quite a leap, but I really wanted to get out of the quick service and food court rut of our previous stays.

My baby girl was quite petite at the time and although I was a little worried that she might be terrified of the giangantic characters, I booked several character meals and hoped for the best.

I should have never worried and I wish I had taken the leap much sooner. Those interactions with the characters were some of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had in the World. Luckily…it was also the first year that my photos started getting good. I hope you can feel the Magic in these shots…and I hope I’ve helped you to have a very Disney day.

Smile everybody!!! :o)

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