Disney Blog Hop – Pirates Edition

We’re talking about pirates this week on the Babes in Disneyland Disney Blog Hop. If you’re a fan of these mischievous marauders, be sure to click over and check out all the pirate posts there.

I’m definitely a fan of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I enjoy stepping back into that era through fantasy, adventure and scandal. I adore the costumes and the dialect. And who doesn’t love the eye candy? Hubba hubba!

But even more than the movies…I seriously love the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida. When I first rode back in 1975, I thought I’d seen the most amazing thing ever. And though my kids are much more difficult to wow than I was as a child…they’re pretty impressed with the attraction themselves.

This is definitely one of our must-do’s…and more often than not, it’s our first stop when we visit the Magic Kingdom.

I’m still working on getting some good photos from this attraction. It’s a dark ride so flash photography and lighted videography are forbidden. Please…adhere to this policy because if you don’t…your fellow crew members will hate you and they just may throw you overboard.

But no worries…you can still get good photos even without your flash. I know this because I’ve seen good photos of PotC. I just haven’t taken any myself yet…but I am improving.

If you click over to Focused on the Magic, Debra Ann shares her dark ride photo tips there. You’re sure to get a good shot if you follow her advice. I can’t wait to try it myself!


2 Responses to “Disney Blog Hop – Pirates Edition”

  1. I love the pirate movies too. The music gets me all pumped up and excited. I’m not sure why but even after the movie I’m still singing the song (although there are no words). Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site and I thought I would pop over and visit yours.

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