The McKinneys Meet the Mickey Moms

One of Walt Disney’s most admiral qualities was his persistence. He faced adversity time after time, yet he pushed through to his dreams continually. Lucky for us that he did!

You can also find this characteristic in many (if not all), members of the Mickey Moms Club. This group was created by the Walt Disney World Moms Panel staff to give unsuccessful applicants a place of our own…”an exciting hub and practical resource” for Walt Disney World enthusiasts. We are a group unable make it as far as we wished (yet)…but we keep our hearts in our dreams and we try, try, try.

There is compassion and camaraderie in this group as well. When MMC member, David Mullican asked for support in helping his neighbors win a family trip to Walt Disney World, many members came to his aid and submitted nominations to The McKinney’s did not win the contest, but they are far from being losers.

David’s request was for no ordinary family. Eric and Stephanie McKinney are in fact, quite extraordinary. They are adoptive parents to six beautiful children with special needs. Born into a world of alcohol, drugs and/or violence, these children did not receive the loving, caring parents that they deserved. The McKinney’s stepped in and turned their worlds around.

The initial plea for nominations has now become a group effort to send this well-deserving family on a trip of a lifetime to the happiest place on Earth. Heidi LaDuca started the ball rolling by offering her Florida vacation home for the trip. Other members followed with offers of park passes, gift cards and souvenirs. You see…Disney souls are persistent. And we’re not taking “no” for an answer. The McKinney’s ARE going to Walt Disney World.

A facebook page now exists for the family’s upcoming adventure. Biographies of the children and updates can be found there. Word of warning…some of the biographies are extremely difficult to read. Come equipped with a handkerchief or tissue.

Whether just out of curiosity, or to find a way you can help too, please visit and “like” the McKinney’s facebook page…and be sure to share with your friends and followers.

CLICK —>The McKinney Family’s Dream Trip to Walt Disney World


9 Responses to “The McKinneys Meet the Mickey Moms”

  1. Oh wow! You were right when you said get the tissues out! These parents are amazing!!!

  2. Lucinda all i can say is BRAVO!!! You are getting a standing ovation!!! You hit this one out of the park. Thank you so much.

  3. koolaidmoms Says:

    A wonderful piece on an amazing group and family!

  4. Having been a child with special needs myself, the Make A Wish Foundation sent my family and I to Disney World when I was young. It meant so much to us.

    I know the McKinney’s personally, and am so very glad that wonderful people are reaching out to them and their family. This is proof that karma gives back. You reap what you sew, and no good deed goes unpunished.

    As horrible of a start these kids were born into, you would never know it seeing them today. They are happy, funny, healthy, polite, warm, wonderful kids..just like their parents. I’ve often told Stephanie having adopted 6 kids, you have to be crazy or a saint (never mind that they have some special needs)! Wonder if they have room to adopt me and mine? lol ;-)

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Saxie. I love hearing from the McKinney’s and those that know them. I can’t wait to hear all about their trip!

  5. David I am so proud of you and all the ‘moms’ for working so diligently for ths. I can’t wait to hear the good news that will soon be coming!!

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