Disney Blog Hop – Disney Bucket List

Welcome to the “Disney Blog Hop”…brought to you weekly by Babes in Disneyland. Sincerest thanks to Lisa for providing blog readers and blog writers a place to gather and share Disney passion and information.

This week’s topic is “Disney Bucket List.”

Everyone knows what a bucket list is and many have actually written one. I’ve seen Disney bucket list memes before, but I’ve not ever in my life thought about what mine would include. I think it’s finally time to make one.

1. Behind the Seeds – Living with the Land is easily one of my most favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. I love plants and I’m an avid gardener. One of my oldest daughter’s childhood friends is a manager there and I’m just fascinated and curious about the work she does. I’d love to know more about what’s going on beyond the boat ride. I hope to cross this off my list on my next visit to Walt Disney World…and I hope to do this SOON!

Wave “hello” to Laura!

2. Revamp DizzneeMomma.com – I have a long mental list of changes for this blog. I want to become a self- hosted site to give myself more freedom to control my design. I’m currently reading Blog Critique (thanks Donna!) and sitting in on free programming methodology lectures from Stanford.

I want to include more Disney crafts, recipes and party ideas…my head is full of them. I also want to write a formal proposal for a family grand gathering and submit basic park information as blog posts directed towards my sisters. There’s just so much I want to do, that I often overwhelm myself. I need to write up a blog plan and attack it in manageable segments.

3. Family Grand Gathering – For years I’ve hoped to travel to WDW with my four sisters, our families, our father and stepmother. This is no easy feat with all the different schedules and travel budgets. Still, I plan to give it one last shot with my “Sister Series” posts as I attempt to advise and coerce my beloved siblings into a Magical Disney Family Reunion. This ain’t going to be easy. Send pixie dust, folks!

4. Walt Disney World Cast Member – This wish has been with me deeply since late 1998. I’ve actually applied to the Walt Disney Company numerous times and hold each rejection letter dearly as memories of my journey to obtain this goal. I quit applying during the pregnancy and birth of my two youngest children, but they’re school age now…and the fire is burning inside me again…hotter than ever. I want to be a Walt Disney World cast member!

So…what’s on your Disney Bucket List? You don’t have to have a blog to share. Just leave a comment about what Disney wishes you have yet to fulfill.


5 Responses to “Disney Blog Hop – Disney Bucket List”

  1. Great list! I need to get going on a blog plan too so I can stop feeling so scattered. Definitely going to check out the Blog Critique!

    • The Blog Critique is really helping me focus, Holly. I can’t wait to delve further into it…and for the results to show in my blog’s appearance and functionality.

  2. Great list! My plan is to retire to Florida & become a CM one day. And good luck w/ the Grand Gathering!

    • That was my plan too, Amy! I thought I might like to waitress at ‘Ohana in my golden years. I’m finding it very hard to wait though…so change of plans. ;o)

  3. I hope you can do the family grand gathering! That would be epic and so memorable!

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