Disney Wordless Wednesday – Best of Times V – Wildlife

This week concludes my “Best of Times” series with my favorite photos from trips taken in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Any further submissions for this would require more Walt Disney World vacations. I’m definitely ready for that to happen. Sadly, my budget isn’t.

“Wildlife” is the theme over at Focused on the Magic‘s “Almost Wordless Wednesday” blog hop so I did my best to fit in there as I made my picks. This has caused me to embarrass myself again this week with yet another unflattering photo of myself. See me in my triceratops doing my best Nixon impression? Oh boy. Thanks, Deb. ;o)

December 2, 2009 – Wild Drummer

February 10, 2010 – Wild Party (2010 DSMM)

May 31, 201 – Wild Abandon

For more fun Disney photos, be sure to check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hops at Focused on the Magic and The Info Mouse.


8 Responses to “Disney Wordless Wednesday – Best of Times V – Wildlife”

  1. I thought you were naked there for a second! Haha!

  2. Fun pics! Thanks for always including me in your link-ups :)

    Lol to Amy’s comment!

  3. Love these wild pics! You look great on the Triceratops Spin! I have yet to do that ride! It’s going on my bucket list!!

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