DizzneeMomma – 2011 in Review – My Favorite Posts from the Past

It’s the end of another year…and time again for reflection. I look back at what I’ve posted over the past twelve months with hopeful thoughts of where DizzneeMomma.com is going in the year to come.

This post is an aggregate of my most favorite posts of 2011. PLEASE click on the orange/red text to view the original posts…and feel free to share your thoughts as comments.

1. Me…Doing Something Disney. My first Disney blog hop…ever! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and was inspired by the other Disney bloggers. Lisa’s Babes in Disneyland, Disney Blog Hop gave me some much-needed direction.

2. Best-Ever Mickey Mouse Butter Cookies. My most popular post to date…getting numerous hits daily.

3. Music Moves Me Monday – With Character. One of my first attempts at setting my photos to music in a slideshow. I rather like how it turned out. Still one of my favorite posts. Watch full screen…and make room for some lap-slapping and toe-tapping!

4. Where am I going? Still some things to consider. Brought this post back to aid in my reflection and blog planning.

5. Disney Summer Fun…My first guest post. It was fun to write…and it’s nice to go back and read again…to reminisce about summer fun. I’m not a winter person. Much.

6. Blogging with Integrity. Very proud to have joined The Three Disneyland Moms’ Challenge. You can join too!

7. Why I LOVE Disney! For anyone that may not understand my obsession with the Mouse…I think I explain it pretty well with this post.

8. My Walt Disney Connection. Perhaps my most favorite of all posts…the one that explains how I’m actually related to legendary Disney animator, Oliver Johnston. He’s my third cousin twice removed!! How’s that for an amazing Disney connection?

Sincerest thanks to my followers and to all who happen in to DizzneeMomma.com. It’s been a lot of fun blogging here and I’m really looking forward to another year at “Without a Care in the World.” I hope you’ll keep coming back to see where this thing goes. Cheers All!!


4 Responses to “DizzneeMomma – 2011 in Review – My Favorite Posts from the Past”

  1. Great review, Lucinda! I was able to catch up on some posts that I missed. Happy New Year!

  2. I can’t wait to try those cookies! Yum! Thanks for sharing!

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