Almost Wordless Wednesday – JOY! My Christmas Vacations

Recently, while sorting through my Disney Christmas photos, I realized for the first time, that I’ve been to Walt Disney World three times during Christmas. Never on Christmas Eve nor Christmas Day…but I’ve been during the lights and festivities of the holiday. Three times.

My DWW post this week is a slideshow created from photos and video of all three trips. Click play and have a good time. Dance. Sing. Fa la la la la and HO HO HO!

For more fun Disney photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hops at Focused on the Magic and The Info Mouse.


18 Responses to “Almost Wordless Wednesday – JOY! My Christmas Vacations”

  1. I always knew better than to be there anytime near Christmas- especially the week from it till New Years… and most especially Christmas DAY!
    Well, some friends bought me a ticket and said come on down! And I spent December 25th, THE day, in Magic Kingdom! Last year. It was cold too!
    But I did it!



  2. Love the video! I went during the holidays for the first time this year. Its so magical!

  3. WwwwwOW! You gave me goosebumps! Awesome video! :D

  4. disneymomdebs Says:

    Awesome video!! You are so talented!! I love Disney during the holidays and this just brought it all back. I so wish I could be there now…well maybe not today, it must be soooo crowded.
    Merry Christmas dear friend!!

  5. Awesome video! It makes me want to make slideshows for all of our Disney trips too! It’s so much more fun than just looking through pictures.

  6. What a fun video! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I’ve been to Disney a few times during the holidays (never on Christmas Eve or Christmas either… yet) and it is just breath taking.

  7. Lucinda, You are soooo talented! I enjoyed every minute :D Thanks for spreading your JOY.

  8. Love the video! I have got to get myself to WDW one year to see all the Christmas decorations!

  9. I love it! A lot of pics I’ve never seen.

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