Wordless Wednesday – A Disney Fall

Falling with Style

For more Disney Wordless Wednesday photos, visit Focused on the Magic and The Info Mouse.

12 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – A Disney Fall”

  1. Tee hee…clever! I don’t remember seeing this at the Lego store. I’ll have to pay better attention when I’m there next week!

  2. I haven’t seen this yet. Love the caption. :)

  3. Love this new Lego sculpture!!!

  4. Hahahaha Love it!!

    Thanks so much for linking up today:)

  5. You’d think I’d have seen that by now, but I haven’t either… I never get to downtown Disney and it’s 10 minutes from the house. That is such a cool sculpture. I love that line from the movie, too.
    Thanks for sharing this one I LOVE the photo.

    • So very cool that you showed up here today. Earlier, I was thinking that I miss visiting your blog, so I hopped over and read a few of your most recent posts. Feeling really cruddy today though, so I didn’t leave any comments. I’ll correct this as soon as I’m myself again. HUGGLES!

  6. I want to build legos like this! Great picture for, fall

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