Disney ABC – “G” is for Goofy

Gallant Galloping Giraffe

Glimmering Glass Guitars

Gargantuan Genie

Grand Glistening Goofy

Goofy with my Gorgeous Gal

Gourmet Goofy with my Grinning Gang

For more Disney Wordless Wednesday photos, visit Focused on the Magic and The Info Mouse.


14 Responses to “Disney ABC – “G” is for Goofy”

  1. Great Group of “G”s!!!

    Thanks for linking up:)

  2. Terrific pics, I love the glass guitars. Where is that?

  3. Gee! Gwarsh! :)

  4. Great Gs!!! I always love your captions! :)

  5. I think I saw that same giraffe last week while dining at Sanaa!!! (tee-hee) :D

  6. Wonderful WW photos!

  7. Great pics! I especially like the giraffe. Wonderful shot!

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