Disney ABC – “D” is for Disney!

Darling Divas, Duck-billed Dinosaur and Dozing Drooler

Disgruntled Diving Duck

Dramatically Detailed Dome

Dopey Dwarf Driving Home from the Diamond Mine

Doge Palace Duplicate

For more Disney Wordless Wednesday photos, visit Focused on the Magic and The Info Mouse.


11 Responses to “Disney ABC – “D” is for Disney!”

  1. You do such a great job on the captions! Wonderful pics!

  2. I always love your captions. Great photo of Dopey :)

  3. Definitely love your dynamic Disney D’s !

    Thanks for linking up Dear Disney Friend!

  4. Cool photos!! I especially like the Donald one! Can’t wait to take my daughter to see that show!

    • It was a new experience for my 4yo on our last trip. He’s been before, but never really watched it. I cried because he was so delighted with it. Love it!

  5. I always love your photos! The first one is so clever! It took me a moment to notice ‘Dozing Droller’ so cute! lol!

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