Removing a Stubborn Ink Stain – I Saved My Disney Dooney & Bourke!!

I’ve been hoping the day would come when I’d be able to write this post. It’s time to write now. I do believe that I just saved my Disney Dooney & Bourke!

It was more than a month ago when I first noticed the ugly blue ink stain on my perfect Dooney & Bourke costmetic bag. Right across the front about 4 inches long…a bright blue ballpoint ink line over the top of an orange balloon and into a green one.

I hated that I’d been so careless to allow it to happen but I was very glad it was only the cosmetic bag and not on my Colette. It was already too late to wash it off with soap…I tried with no luck.

I used a dab of Soft Scrub. But nothing. The stain didn’t fade an iota. I decided to leave the cleanser on and let it stand for a few days. Still nothing.

I wasn’t ready to give up. I repeated the process for a few weeks noticing very little change in the stain at all. I wanted the ugly blue stain off my beautiful bag!

Still determined…I tried again, but this time I left the bag sitting in the window sill in the sun.

A few days later when I wiped off the soft scrub, I noticed a small change. The ink stain had begun to fade. I tried again…soft scrub and a couple days of sunshine. Then I tried again. After three doses of sunshine with Soft Scrub, I’m am pleased to proclaim…that the ink stain is nearly gone.

I wish I had photos to show the entire process, but I guess I didn’t really expect it to actually work. You can see now…a very faint ink stain…with no fading to the design of my purse. I am going to try once more WITH photos to show you just what I did…and hopefully when I wipe off the stuff in a few days…the stain will be history!

By the way…I photographed the ink stain as it is now (photo below)…but it didn’t show up very well at all. You can see it faintly if you enlarge the pic.

I considered intentionally marking my bag with another ink pen and repeating the process in order to test my results. I don’t think I want to push my luck though. I’m just extremely happy I was able to save my bag.

11 Responses to “Removing a Stubborn Ink Stain – I Saved My Disney Dooney & Bourke!!”

  1. Ayh… what kind of bag as it again? I think I missed it??? :)

  2. I think you have discovered a new process, you ought to market it!
    Way to go, I’d hate for you to ruin your Dooney & Bourke. =)

  3. It’s awesome that you were able to save it! As a cloth-diapering mom, the sun is the NUMBER ONE way to get out stains. So glad it worked for you!

  4. Wow that is terrific! I leave things in the sun all the time to bleach them but never thought it would work on ink! So glad you got it out!! Now stay away from pens!

  5. ink stain removal…

    […]Removing a Stubborn Ink Stain – I Saved My Disney Dooney & Bourke!! « Without a Care in the World[…]…

  6. As a toddler, my son peed on my aunt’s very expensive couch!! After cleaning the seat, she dragged the couch out to the patio to sit in the sun. I thought she was nuts! But it totally worked :). So glad there was a happy ending for you too!

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