“Everything Animation” – Disneyana on DISplay

It’s all set! In less than a week, “Everything Animation” will open at the Douglas County Museum in Tuscola.

My Disney display is complete. Previous concerns over the ability to fill the main showcase are long gone. I brought home four totes full of items that wouldn’t fit in the exhibit and still had stuff yet at home. Mission Complete!

This isn’t a great photo, but it gives you a good idea, just how large the showcases are. Click on the photo to see it full screen, then click the back button on your browser to return to this post. You can do this on all the photos on all of my blogs.

The posters in the photo on the right now hang on the walls in the museum. I love the way they look together. I’m happy to finally have them framed and look forward to displaying them at home after the exhibit. Getting this done has been on my to-do list forever.

Another project that’s been on the to-do list for a very long time…my framed vintage park map.

I reset the map and added the vintage postcards to the border for the exhibit. I plan to add more memorabilia, such as expired FASTPASS tickets, park passes, room keys and vacation photos. It’s still a work in progress. Seems fine to display as is though.

And one final photo to share. This is part of the museum’s display of Frank and Ollie info (not my stuff). If you read my previous post, “Six Degrees of Separation from Walt Disney to ME” you already know about my relationship to Ollie Johnston and his and Frank’s connection to my hometown.

Apparently, the people at the museum knew about this way before me. Frank sent this photo and a letter to the museum director in 1994. I’ve asked for a photocopy of the letter and am going to ask for a copy of the autographed photo as well. !!!

Anyway…that’s my update of the exhibit. If you’re in the area sometime in the next four months, stop by and check out all the animation items on display. Fun stuff!


13 Responses to ““Everything Animation” – Disneyana on DISplay”

  1. Most excellent display! Love it! When does it tour??? :)

    • I’m amazed myself. Most of this stuff was distributed around my house so I didn’t realize how much I really had. It’s nice to have the opportunity to see it all together as a collection.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful exhibit! I wish I could go check it out. That’s so cool that you have a bunch of your stuff on display! Great job on the vintage map! You inspired me to try something similar with my Disneyland map.

  3. Wow, that looks great!! I wish I could see it in person. Love the map display!! That is so cool about Frank’s letter and pic!!

  4. The exhibit is awesome! They did a good job of displaying your collection. And I’m proud of you for getting this oppurtunity to show your stuff. :o)

  5. CONGRATS!! :D Oh I wish I could go and see this! :D

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