Disney ABC – “A” in Walt Disney World

American Adventure Attraction

Andy’s Army Guy

Affable Adolescent with Arbitrary Accessories (Mouse Ears!)

Alien Adversary Armed with Assault Weapon

Awesome Andalusian Architecture

For more Disney Wordless Wednesday photos, visit Focused on the Magic and The Info Mouse.


14 Responses to “Disney ABC – “A” in Walt Disney World”

  1. Luve the Adolescent shot! And well done on the Alien shot- but that image of her has always bugged me- it is so bad!!! Doesn’t look anything like her- or even an actual human being??? Disappointing. But, still a great shot to get it!



  2. An AmAzing collection of photogrAphs with the letter A! ThAnk you so much for linking up to wordless wednesdAy!


  3. Great pictures. I love the last one! A very interesting shot. I give them an A.

  4. Great A shots! Especially the Alien Encounter. I can never get that one. I’m always on the other side of the car!

    Thanks for the mention:) I don’t see your link on the list. I come to your blog every week anyway;)

  5. Beautiful pics, Cindy! and I love your Adolescent too!

  6. That’s so funny that the army guy doesn’t really have a face! At Disneyland their faces are painted green so seeing a green sheet on their face kinda looks funny!

    Great pics as always!!

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