“W” is for Wondrous …Wishful …Welcome Home!

Whispering Willow‘s Tomb Warriors

Wretched Wicked Witch of the West

Wrought Iron Weather Vane

Wise and Wonderful Walt

WALL-E and the Wild Child

For more Disney Wordless Wednesday photos, visit Focused on the Magic and The Info Mouse.


18 Responses to ““W” is for Wondrous …Wishful …Welcome Home!”

  1. Elrods Go Disney Says:

    Love this post!! Great pictures, creative captions!

  2. WoW all really creative and Witty W pics and captions !

  3. I love following your blog every week. Will you be starting over at “A” soon??

    • Aw. Thanks DM. I fully plan to start with “A” after I finish with “Z”. I started somewhere in the middle…with “G” or “H”. I want to organize them into a photo book when I complete the series.

  4. Very inventive…and creative. I love the Wall-E pic…

  5. Awesome pictures. I love the one with Walt.

  6. Love it, you always have the best captions. Great photo of the witch. :)

  7. Great pictures!! Love the titles, too.. especially Wall-E and the Wild Child

  8. Great W pictures, especially the wild child!

  9. Great snaps!! :D Love the last one – so cute! :)

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