Disney Blog Hop – All About Family

Welcome blog readers and writers! This week’s Disney Blog Hop theme is “Family”. As always, it will be interesting to see the different perspectives on the theme, so hop over to Babes in Disneyland and check out the links to all the Disney family posts listed there.

Since I plan to write a trip report soon and I haven’t started yet, I’ll begin here with an introduction to the players of my most recent Walt Disney World excursion. My Family!

There’s me of course. I’m Mom, lead travel planner, decision maker…I’m da boss, I’m DizzneeMomma!

I share administrative duties with Dad…chief financial officer and Mr Incredible. Dad provides the financing and gives final approval for the trip to commence.

My two oldest progeny (29 & 25), didn’t get included in this trip (and they were sorely missed). Hopefully Bambi Jayne and Evolved will be with us on the Next Trip.

Kimeters is my middle son. He’s a teen, an animator…a thinker.

Meechi is middle son’s girl friend. She fits in well with us…and is VERY good with children. ;o)

Miss Ivanka is 6.8 years old. She’s tiny, but she’s rugged.

and Jonebug is a firecracker…with SPD.

From L to R...Dad, Kimeters, Jonebug, DizzneeMomma, Miss Ivanka and Meechi

So…that’s my crew. I’m very fond of them all…completely full of love for each of them.

Family is incredibly important to me and I presume that’s why Disney is so dear to me as well. All of my memories of Disney exist because they are connected to special moments with family.

– Disney movies at the drive-in with my family.
– Sitting together at our new color TV watching Wonderful World of Disney.
– Listening to Disney story phonograph albums with my sisters.
– All the Disney related toys we had and played with together.
– The fabulous first-ever family vacation to WDW in 1975.

All very special Disney moments spent with family. Walt really knew what he was doing…and thank goodness!

“We believed in our idea…a family park where parents and children could have fun…together.” ~Walt Disney

9 Responses to “Disney Blog Hop – All About Family”

  1. What an amazing crew! And I agree…thank goodness Walt did really know what he was doing!!

  2. Aww! I love it! Thanks for sharing a little about your family! :D And I love the quote at the end :) He definitely knew what he was doing! :P

  3. Thanks for sharing this about your family! The pic looks so relaxing.. great memories!

  4. Thanks for the intro to your crew… you all look like you are having fun.
    Great that you brought a built-in babysitter. TeeHee
    Can’t wait to see all the things you did… even if one WASN’T coming over to visit me. HaHa
    You know I lubs ya. HUGGLES!

    • The babysitter was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. ;o)

      I’ll be back…and we’ll try to get together then. I will (hopefully) be posting some trip stuff soon. :o)

      Hugs back!

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