Disney Blog Hop – Disney Firsts

Welcome again to the Disney Blog Hop! This week our hostess, Lisa at Babes in Disneyland selected a theme of Disney Firsts. This will make for some fun reading so hop over and check out all the posts.

I’m late to the hop for the second week in a row as I’m still on vacation at Walt Disney World. I find little time for writing so it’s difficult to keep up with the blog. Can you feel my pain? ;o)

I’ve been posting regularly to my facebook page though, at Without a Care in the World. Click over and “like” me to see updates and photos from my daily park visits.

One of my family’s Disney trip traditions is to include at least one First per vacation. Disney makes this extremely easy to do with offers of numerous hotels, restaurants, experiences and merchandise. No two trips will ever be the same.

My post for the blog hop this week is about some of the firsts of my current vacation.

There have been so many firsts this trip…first time as Guests Without Bags, first time with my dSLR Canon, first time off property to get groceries at WalMart…but I’ll try to hit on just a few of our major Firsts.

The first major First is our Disney guest. We brought a newbie with us this time…my teenage son’s girlfriend. This is her First trip to Walt Disney World and her first trip to Florida as well. We’ve been doing our best to show her all we can. I even convinced her and my son to volunteer for the Harbor Attack sequence of the Studio Backlot Tour.

Next First…my babies are growing up! My two youngest children are now over forty inches tall…which makes them eligible for several Firsts (You can view a pdf of all height requirements for WDW attractions HERE). While they are now tall enough for Tower of Terror and DINOSAUR…I don’t think they’re ready for the intense experience of these rides. We’ll be waiting a little while longer on these two attractions.

We did however get to ride Star Tours together…the First time for my youngest and the First any of us have seen the recently updated version. I love the new storyline of this attraction and having the family together for it caused my eyes to tear up a little. I’m such a big, fat Disney sap.

I’m hoping to get the young uns on Soarin’ and Splash Mountain too but it hasn’t happened yet. Still time though. We have one full day and a partial left before we head home.

My final First for this post is our newest family addition. My youngest daughter has decided to adopt our First Duffy the Disney Bear. When they first came out with this bear, I was unimpressed and maybe slightly turned off. He really is a cutey though and I fell in love with his Mickey face, paws and tush. My daughter is in love with the wardrobe options. Welcome to the family Duffy!

I won’t be able to visit the other Disney Blog Hop posts until I return home, but I cannot wait to check them all out. Please forgive me for only half participating…and everyone please, have a very Disney day!!


6 Responses to “Disney Blog Hop – Disney Firsts”

  1. LOVE IT! Have so much fun!!!

  2. Love your firsts! Hope your having a wonderful time and making many new firsts.

  3. That last photo there is adorable! I was the same about Duffy the bear but he’s definitely growing on me :)

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