2011 Spring Road Trip to Walt Disney World – Day 2

As usual, I was out of bed before anyone else. I gathered our belongings and repacked the van. I let my family sleep while I showered, then tended to social media obligations.

It was late morning when I finally pushed them out of bed. We missed the free hotel breakfast and grabbed something quick from McDonald’s instead. It was time to head back to the interstate.

On the road again…destination Walt Disney World. Just over 400 miles ahead meant six to seven more hours of driving. We continued to allow the Garmin guide us.

It was early evening when we reached Lake Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa. It was easy to find, but we arrived with a serious mechanical issue. An awful odor filled the air and my front left wheel was smoking. Not good. Afraid that it might catch fire, I threw water on the hub. It sizzled and steamed.

I started to stress…but wanted more than anything to get parked, into my room and unpacked. I moved into a parking spot and decided the problem could be handled after I checked into my room. Just didn’t want to deal with it at that very moment…so I didn’t.

The lobby of Lake Buena Vista was classy and inviting. A helpful, friendly staff greeted us and showed us our way. Front desk checked us in and offered recommendations for area mechanics. We grabbed our stuff and began to settle in.

We were assigned adjoining water view rooms facing east. They were spacious and clean, modern and beautiful. The beds were perfectly comfy. Roomy balconies provided a welcome seating area with a wonderful calming view.

A storm was rolling in so I sat on the balcony to watch the rain and the lightning for a while…then jumped on my laptop to try and solve my vehicular issue. After some research, I joined the others in slumber. The solution would wait until morning.

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