Disney Blog Hop – Disney Decor/Decorating

Welcome again to the Disney Blog Hop. This week our hostess, Lisa at Babes in Disneyland suggested a theme of Disney decor and decorating. I can’t wait to read all the posts on this one! Be sure to check them out.

I have some fairly way-out ideas about Disney decorating in my home. I haven’t been able to carry them out yet because I don’t feel like I’m living where I want to stay. I’d love to move soon and I just don’t think a huge mural of the Disney parks on my family room wall will help me sell my house. Plus…I wouldn’t want to leave it!

Although my dream Disney-themed house is on hold, there is not one room in my present home that is untouched by Disney. There are Disney items throughout.

I have a Finding Nemo bathroom and my 16yo has a Stitch bedroom. This might seem a little young for a teen…but it’s not really. The color palette is Stitch blues but the only true Stitch items are a large beach towel hanging from a dowel on his wall and a super-size Stitch plush on his bed.

In my previous residence, I had an awesome Mickey Mouse kitchen. The walls were painted black and white…the windows, doors and baseboards were trimmed in a bold red and bright yellow. I even painted the wooden blades of my ceiling fan to match.

To accessorize, I bought some really great Mickey Mouse items on e-bay and put together the most charming Disney kitchen ever. About one month after the remodel, I moved out. I was so sad that I had to leave my Mickey Mouse kitchen behind.

If I ever find my dream home (I’m looking!), my new house will have lots of not-so-subtle Disney touches. I’ve envisioned a Cinderella living room, another Mickey Mouse kitchen, a Jungle Book family room, Disney Parks toy room…Stitch, Tinkerbelle and Mulan bedrooms.

Yeah. I’m a nut like that. Can’t wait to make it all happen!!


17 Responses to “Disney Blog Hop – Disney Decor/Decorating”

  1. I really love your taste! I posted a pic from my kitchen too!

  2. Great ideas! I may have to borrow a few of them…I’m decor-challenged!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I think those are great ideas! Maybe I should stop restraining myself and go all out. I loved the Mickey mouse kitchen. :o)

  4. I’d love a Mickey Mouse kitchen like that. I think I’m the only one that would though. I get my Disney in with accessories;) You have some really great decorating ideas I hope you get to do them soon.

  5. Love the idea for a Stitch room! My little one adores Stitch and I think when we get a new house, I’ll look to incorporate Stitch into the design. Very cool theme!

  6. This is wonderful! All your character themed rooms sound amazing! A Mulan bedroom sounds SO cool!

  7. Can’t wait to see your dream house on “Extreme Homes” :) Great decor ideas!

  8. Love the Jungle Book living room… didn’t Elvis have a jungle room? Sounds like fun!

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