“K” is for…Kinship! …Kudos! …and Karma!

My Kids at the Kitchen Sink

One Knight in Italy

One Knight in Germany

Korner Kimono

9 Responses to ““K” is for…Kinship! …Kudos! …and Karma!”

  1. Ok…so I cheated with Korner. ;o)

  2. Kudos on your “K” pics. Very clever! I’m posting mine tomorrow as I’m not feeling the “K” love today:)

    • I kind of gave up on mine. I need new photos. Getting tired of digging through my archives. “L” should be much easier.

      If I could get to a park…I’d get a better kimono photo…or a komodo dragon…some keepsakes….goat kids at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. I had Kali pics but wanted to go with all portrait orientation…Kilamanjaro Safari pics.

      I need a vacation!!!!!!

  3. So Klever. Thanks for visiting me!

  4. Hi Lucinda (For some reason your comment to my post is not showing- so I’ll respond to you here!) I’m a super new runner, so I can only hope my interest doesn’t wane… We shall see.
    You are always sooo creative with your posts, and this week is no exception. Did your kids finish that Kitchen Sink??! D

    • I’m sure you’ll be fine with your running. I quit due to a respiratory illness that hung on for months. Now I have too many other excuses…like it’s still cold and I’m a wienie!

      Thanks for the compliment about my posts. And about the kitchen sink…it took the entire family, but we finished every bite!

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