Social Media Melee

Registration for the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is only a few days away. I CANNOT WAIT! I hope and pray I can get in.

Some people are unhappy with the whole process and hoopla this time. I guess it has to do with the high risk of disappointment for so many. Kind of turns the grapes sour. The event has evolved and has become extremely popular.

I have evolved too. My blogs have matured. My tweeting has improved. My outreach has grown. I’m more focused. There are many things I will do differently this year if I can just get my foot in that door again.

Last year as a newbie, I was a bit shy. I didn’t take enough video. I didn’t reach out to enough people. I didn’t get my photo taken with any of the speakers. I didn’t even have business cards to pass out. I just didn’t engage as much as I wanted or could have or should have.

This year…I’m still green, but I’m not new. I’m no longer intimidated. I no longer feel inferior. I really want a second chance to do this right. But with only a one in five chance of getting in, this might not happen.

I’m still planning to give it a shot. Planning to NOT be bitter if I don’t get in…and planning to not cry about it for more than a couple of days. But IF I do get registered…I’m going all out! I’m going there to shake my social media maker! So watch out!!

2010 Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration Recap:
Day One, Part One
Day One, Part Two
Day Two, Part One
Day Two, Part Two
Day Two, Part Three
Day Three, Part One
Day Three, Part Two

UPDATE: Well…Disney’s Social Media Moms is not in the cards for me this year. Bah! I will definitely try again for as long as it’s around.

To those that are going…WOOHOO and Congratulations! I want to hear ALL ABOUT IT!

For now…I still have plenty of good info from the previous conference that I need to put to use.

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