A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I don’t like to be pessimistic, in fact the opposite is true…but one must be realistic here. Out of 10,000 to 20,000 applicants, how likely is it that I will be selected as one of the top 10?

Yeah…not the greatest odds. But I do like to be optimistic, so I’ve thrown my Mouse ears into the ring once more.

This is my fourth attempt at becoming a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. The process is familiar…I feel comfortable with it now.

The application procedure begins on opening day with a round of questions that must be answered in 100 words or less.

The word limit can be challenging enough, but there are more constraints. Probably the easiest condition to deal with is the cut-off date. The most intense is the looming capacity cut-off. You just don’t know when they’ll reach the cap and close it down.

After initial submissions are in, a cut will be made. A very small percentage of applicants move forward to Round 2. In the past, around 200 applicants go on to answer a second set of questions.

Word limits are still in place…and there’s a cut off date again. This time…no capacity cut-off so there is no rush to submit before you’re sure those answers are perfect!

After a second reduction, a couple dozen applicants are scheduled for phone interviews and the new panel is selected from those interviewed.

So…here I am again. My answers have been submitted. All I can do now is wait. Just who gets to move on to Round 2 this year? Will we find out this week? Might it be today?


6 Responses to “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”

  1. Good luck my friend. You know I’ll be pulling for you! HUGS!!

  2. I’m right there with ya, Lucinda! Fingers & toes crossed! It’s my 4th time too…lets hope we make it!!! :)

  3. Looks like I’m out already. :P
    I betcha I try again next year. ;)

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