Let’s Celebrate ME!!

Finally, conference day arrived! We began bright and early with breakfast at the Contemporary. Fresh fruit, pastries, potatoes, eggs and sausage were placed in front of me, so I ate them. I ate them all.

I felt pampered again. Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration spoiled me with yummy meals I didn’t have to prepare, lush tropical deluxe accommodations, and instant FASTPASSes at all the parks. I was in my otherworld.

Throw in exclusive events, private parties and celebrity entertainment and it’s very hard to feel anything but special. I was completely spoiled by all the time focused on me. As a mother, my needs are often over-looked, my wants put on the back burner. My face was filled with smile. I was a VIP.

Tweeter sisters, Robin and Jay were our lively and comical emcees. A dynamic twitter duo, they even had their own theme song. The Tweeters introduced our speakers, directed our attention and kept the show rolling with door prizes!

A lot of very nice items were given away throughout the morning, but I was particularly interested in just one of them. A night in Cinderella’s castle was up for grabs. I was feeling lucky and thought I might actually win. I wished for it deeply.

Meg Crofton, President of Walt Disney World Resort, once again graced us with her presence. She welcomed us to the first ever Social Media Moms Celebration and introduced our first speaker.

Maxine Clark, president and founder of Build-a-Bear spoke of inspiration and collaboration. She emphasized the importance of caring when building and conducting a business. Chief Executive Bear lives her imagination and made her dreams come true! She thinks I can too.

Maxine brought Disney Princess Bears to share with us. Each table in the conference room was adorned with a centerpiece bear and one lucky blogger per table would be the recipient of their table’s bear.

I sat at an Aurora table with hopes of winning. The sweet little princess bear would perfectly match the dress I’d laid out for my 5yo princess that day. I visualized Miss Ivanka’s face when I presented her with the adorable Aurora Bear and my eyes started to well with tears.

Sadly, there was no winning sticker under my chair. I did however, manage to peel off the manufacturer’s label in desperate hope. This still makes me laugh.

Janine from Twofer Mom won the bear at our table. But there was a problem. She’s the mother of twins…and Aurora was only one bear. When Janine stated that she couldn’t take the bear…I shamelessly, suggested that she could give it to me. She agreed and being the total mush, that I am, I cried as I thanked her.

Our next speaker was Marissa Jaret Winokur. I knew her as the girl from Hairspray, Tracy Turnblad. She’s warm and down-to-earth, energetic and motivated. She encouraged us to follow our dreams, to do what we love and put ourselves out there…to network and to share.

…and this just must be said: She had on some very awesome shoes!

Then came the time to draw the Castle Suite winner. Fingers crossed, I held my breath…but my name was not called. Cecelia Mecca of Double Duty Divas was the name on the winning slip of paper. What a lucky duck! I can only imagine what a thrill that must have been for her group.

The morning had really flown by. My brain was fueled and my motivation was on fire. It was time to break for lunch and fill my tummy.



7 Responses to “Let’s Celebrate ME!!”

  1. You brought back such fabulous memories for me! I had the most marvelous time at that conference and you described MY feelings exactly about not winning the Build-a-Bear Princess Bear and the night in Cinderella’s Castle (I was sitting with Cecelia when she won).
    Great pictures, BTW… I really hope they hold this conference again… but a little later in the year, when it is a tiny bit warmer. :-)

    • I’m so glad to have met you at the conference Lorie. Sorry that it has taken me this long to connect. I met many wonderful bloggers and had the time of my life! Warmer would be good. ;)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’ve had a blast reading all about it!

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