How Will You Celebrate? – In-Home Celebration

My guest list includes the usual suspects. Family and friends who also happen to be members of my Relay for Life team have been invited. Each year, we participate in and fund-raise for our local Relay event as the Pink Jell-o Posse. My Big Red Box will help us celebrate the approach of our fourth year as a team. The party will serve to recognize and reward members for all the hard work behind us and will hopefully provide motivation to conquer the tasks ahead. May this be our best year yet!

I was originally hoping for a grand garden party in my father’s immense back yard amid the flower beds and orchard. I planned for elaborate activities, swanky prizes, a delectable Walt Disney World menu and snazzy decor. My ideas leaped way beyond my current finances and available time, plus the weather has been extremely uncooperative. I’ve come down from my big party cloud and have settled on a smaller event at my own home.

The party colors are red, yellow and blue. I love bold colors so these will be fun to work with. The party theme is “Outdoors in Spring” even though my party will be indoors.

I made invitations from card stock. I scanned my “What Will You Celebrate?” pin for the card graphic. I enlarged and printed the image then cut it out and glued it to the front of the card. I included bits of genuine Main St. pixie dust in the card design as well…a personal sacrifice. The party details were typed out using Waltograph font, then printed, cut and pasted into the inside of the folded card. They turned out beautifully and were hand-delivered or mailed once finished.

The party menu includes a Mickey Mouse confetti cake, dark chocolate cupcakes, ice cream and Mickey Mouse rice crispie treats…Sprite, sweet tea, and milk to drink. I purchased matching plates, cups, napkins and table cloths from my local dollar store. The balloons will be filled just prior to the party and I plan to purchase a few yellow and blue ones to add to the bright red Mickeys.

I think I’m ready now! Now to put all the plans into action. Are we there yet?!?


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