Celebrate Today – Practically Perfect in Every Way!

I can move in already!! My garden view room is in a prime location. The resort monorail, buses, laundry room and parking lot are just a short stroll away. Getting to the Ticket and Transportation Center is a cinch and I’m as close as you can get to the Great Ceremonial House. Even the conference hospitality suite is right next door. I’m close to everything and I have celebrity neighbors to boot! I’m living in a perfect World.

As my oldest son walked past the hospitality suite, he overheard something astounding. I bolted over to check-in, hoping to confirm…some kind of dream FASTPASS??!??

I step inside and I see SWAG everywhere! One of the little black bags is mine!! Earl located my envelope and explained my information packet…itinerary, credentials, press kit, voucher, gift card, coupons…oh my!! Again, I’m getting excited about the conference ahead.

With each new little tidbit I become more and more eager. I’m watching and listening intently. Then Earl confirms what my son overheard. I’ve been granted a Media Event FASTPASS Exchange Card…good for instant FASTPASSes for my entire family…as many as we need…all week! The best park perk anyone could ask for EVER!! Seriously…ever.

I’m in disbelief, but I know it’s really happening…and it’s happening to me! I’m super-charged about my instant FASTPASS card, the bag o’ SWAG, my fantasy resort and the upcoming conference events. I point out some social media celebrities (@amandatinney, @NDM_1 and Leanne!!) to my family and it clicks suddenly for my oldest son. “This is your MLG!” he exclaimed. I smiled. I’m touched that he gets it…happy that he found a way to understand what this all means to me.

I send my family off to check-in at Kona Cafe. We have no dining reservations and I expect a bit of a wait for a table. I have one more thing to tend to first. I make a quick stop at Trader Jack’s. I’m hoping a couple of small purchases will buy me more time to eat my breakfast. I pick up Stitch’s pink cousin plush for my daughter and Disney World die-cast vehicles for my 3 year-old son. I really want the vehicles for myself!

I smile all the way to Kona Cafe where my party is waiting for me. We’re seated immediately in a familiar spot. I’ve eaten at the exact same table twice before. It’s a good location for people watching, right behind the podium.

I remember to order Tonga Toast. I’ve read about it but have never tried it before. As a hard-core Disney World fan, I felt it was probably something I should experience at least once. I was not disappointed at all. It was delicious! Actually, it’s was so good I’ve decided I’m going to try and make it at home sometime.

We’re fed, moved in and have time to kill before we have to be at the media presentation. We’re at a monorail resort so the Magic Kingdom is the logical choice. And what a great place to kill a little time. We hop on board the monorail and only moments later we’re at the Magic Kingdom.

I’m so happy to see that castle again! The blue skies and sunshine rejuvenate me. We set out to test drive the FASTPASS card. We chose Peter Pan first. It’s a good ride in general…but add small children to the formula and it’s a great ride. Now a dash of “instant FASTPASS” and it’s the best dark ride ever. The kids really like this one, but we often skip it due to the long line for it.

Afterward, we stop to enjoy a little music in the sunshine! Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…

We putzed around the park and had a blast but it was time to get back to the resort. Surprisingly, we were able to experience several attractions in our short visit. We were happy. We exited through Tomorrowland and as we walked across the bridge, I noticed filming in the Castle rose garden. I didn’t recognize anyone, but I could tell that the yummy guy with the black hair and gray shirt was a television star of some sort. I took a whole slew of photos of him just in case. ;o)

Turns out, he’s Carter Oosterhouse.


13 Responses to “Celebrate Today – Practically Perfect in Every Way!”

  1. Jennifer Meyering Says:

    Great post! Brings back so many memories!

  2. Awesome recap – and loveeeee the last pic!!

  3. Hey girlie! Great recap and photos! Love seeing Carter again!!!

  4. Amanda Tinney Says:

    Social media celeb? Girl you’re making me blush. So blessed to be able to spend time with you. You are a star. Continue to let your light shine so that others will see that they too can let their light shine.

    • Oh my. Now there’s a celebrity comment on my blog!! Thanks for stopping by Amanda. I truly enjoyed meeting you and hope our paths will cross again in the future.

  5. I would love to go there one day!

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