Celebrate Beginnings! – Arrival

On day one of the Social Media Moms Celebration, I was fresh and well-rested from my quiet night at Port Orleans. I woke up ready and set to go check-in at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. I could hardly contain my excitement, I really wanted to get moving. I enticed my group with the suggestion of breakfast at Kona Cafe and it worked swimmingly. The idea of yummy warm food gets them all up and moving.

Without issue, we are packed and on the road. It’s a short drive to the Magic Kingdom Resort area from Port Orleans. We always drive down to The World so we’re pretty familiar with the roads on property. We drive past the Ticket and Transportation Center and pull up to the Polynesian guard shack. My name is on their list, my fantasy becoming reality!

I’ve long loved this resort and always find an excuse to visit during each Walt Disney World stay. I’ve eaten at ‘Ohana, Kona Cafe and Captain Cook’s numerous times. I like them each a lot and have never been disappointed. As a Disney Vacation Club member, I’ve pool-hopped (legally!) to the Nanea Volcano Pool numerous times and it was during one of my initial visits to the Polynesian, that I first spoke to a DVC representative and signed up to take a DVC tour. This time though, the resort is really mine and I intend to hang out and absorb all she has to offer.

The Poly lobby is open and refreshing. The flora and the water displays are soothing. I send my party out to investigate and roam about as I get us checked in. I’m pleasantly surprised to find that my room is ready. I don’t think my smile can get any bigger. I find the info for the hospitality suite and notice that it’s right next door to my room. Time to find the gang…we’re moving in!


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