Celebrate Disney! We’re Back!!

Country Inn & Suites serves free breakfast up until 11:00 A.M, much later than most of the places we’ve stayed. I’m in favor of not having to rush to eat, but I prefer the breakfast at La Quinta Inn & Suites in Valdosta. Even after eating, I feel no urge to hurry. We didn’t get as far south as I wanted due to weather, but I’m still a day ahead of schedule. I let the kids rest a while longer so I can catch up on my online activities. My fake fish need their fake food.

Finally, by 11:30, the whole gang is up, fed and we’re hitting the road to Orlando. It’s gray and rainy again. The snow is following behind us. It will never catch us now though…I’m Disney driven! We are able to keep a better pace today and finally get a peek at blue skies in Southern Georgia. Before long, we spot palm trees, a sure sign we’re getting there.

We arrived in Orlando around 8:30 P.M. but without reservations. Accommodations should have been my first concern but we’re more worried about our tummies. We go eat first. Rainforest Cafe is a hit with my family and a favorite of at least one of us. It’s easy too, so we walk over and request to be seated. After a ten minute stroll through the lively gift store, my name is called and we’re being led to our table. It’s really sinking in for us now. We’re back at Walt Disney World!!

Our waiter fills our table with chicken, ribs and root beers. We eat ourselves into sedation. It’s time to find our beds. I choose Port Orleans–French Quarter and drive over to see if they’ll have us. They have a room and seem genuinely happy to put us up for the night. We move in and I stretch out on the bed with my baby. He and I fall asleep while the rest of the group head out to enjoy Doubloon Lagoon and hot tub. Tomorrow, it’s on to the Polynesian–my all-time fantasy resort!

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