Getting There IS Half the Battle – A Winter Road Trip

I'm going!

In order to avoid driving through a major winter storm and possibly not being able to leave at all, I decided to head to Orlando a day early. With the Social Media Moms Celebration ahead of me and my profound desire to be there, I decided a head start would be essential. I didn’t want to risk being stuck at home in the snow. Missing the conference, would be almost devastating. I wasn’t willing jeopardize my travel plans.

I brought four of my five children with me. The skies were gray, but the roads were clear when we left in my mini-van late Monday afternoon. We met up with ice and snow and strong winds in southern Illinois just as we passed through Marion. I’ve driven through much worse weather, so it wasn’t that bad, but it did slow us down quite a bit. Snow and ice stayed with us into Tennessee. Once we got through Nashville, the snow turned to rain and gray skies turned to night.

Under normal driving conditions, it takes around sixteen and a half hours for the nearly 1200 mile, two-day trek. In general, I like to get as far as possible during the first day. I prefer to sleep as close to The World as I can.

Valdosta is my ideal first stop but I couldn’t make it that far this trip. We we’re only halfway to Orlando and it was 2:00 A.M. already. I could go no further so we settled for the night in Oxford, AL. Tomorrow, we’ll be back in The World!

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