This Trip Will Go On!

A large winter storm moved into the area so we split one day ahead of schedule. It was mid afternoon before we actually headed out of town, but all loose ends were successfully tied before launch.

We were able to avoid falling snow until Marion, Illinois. By the time we were nearly to Nashville, we were driving in some nasty icy, snowy, blowy winter crap. It looked like we were going to get stopped in a single line of traffic, but having done this before…many moons ago…in nearly the same area, I took the risk of moving into the passing lane and made my way around a line of cars over a mile long. I was worried I would regret the move, but we made it through just fine. By Nashville, the freezing crap had turned to rain.

We stopped for the night in Anniston. Very tired but we all managed to shower to save time in the morning. Comfort Suites is nice, affordable and an all-around great place to set up camp. We like our La Quinta in Valdosta better, but we lost a lot of time in southern Illinois and Tennessee with the snowy roads.

Now we’ve had our breakfast…and are taking full advantage of the noon checkout. Since we’re a day ahead of schedule, I feel no urgency to leave before we’re well-rested. Another eight hours on the road and we’ll be in Orlando!


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