Come On Baby…You Know You Want It

I am a blubbering mess.  Currently listening to the music of Walt Disney World at Magical Mouse Radio and envisioning possible upcoming vacation moments.  Seeing my family all together in the sunshine, without the stress, smelling the smells, hearing the sounds, breathing the air and walking the walk…gets me teary-eyed.  OH!  Don’t forget the FOOD!!  And the shopping!  Hard to believe the Magic is only days away now!

While I’ve decided it will be okay if the house isn’t spotless when I leave, there are certain areas that must be taken care of before we head south.  The dog has had his bath.  He’ll be staying with my dad and my canine siblings.  The guinea pig cages have been cleaned and plenty of hay and alfalfa have been purchased.  My niece and nephew from 2 blocks down, will come to tend to my little cavies.

The dishes were done…and I’m doing them again now (sort of).  Pretty sure I’ll have to do them again at least once more.  Two of three bathrooms have been cleaned and trash has been taken out.  I really wish I had time to put up Christmas lights, decorate the tree and paint my family room.  There’s also the Walt Disney World map project that I want to finish.

Always so much to do in daily life.  So many appointments to remember, errands to run, chores to complete, kids to feed and all those nasty bills to pay.  …but in a few days, I will be in a perfect World.  For one week, I’ll be immersed in total perfect magic…MY without-a-care-in-the-world World…where Disney can take care of me.


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