Excitement is growing.  Euphoria is beginning to take effect.  I’ll be on vacation after only three more sleeps!  Arrive in Walt Disney World in 6 more days!!

I’m trying to ignore all the usual worries.  “Dread” tries to partner “excitement” in the vacation anticipation.  It refuses to be ignored.  Please let nothing go wrong on our long drive.  Please let all of us get along and please keep us all healthy.  I’ll add pleas as they come to mind.  Thank you and Amen.

vacation planning

We’re watching our favorite vacation planning DVD–Happiest Celebration on Earth.  I’m leaning towards ignoring my usual demand of a spotless house at departure.  I love to come home to a clean house, but this time, I just don’t care.  While I’d still love to be welcomed by a spotless abode, I don’t want to get stressed over preparing, packing and Thanksgiving.

I’m going to look for a chant to ward off dread and a cheerleader to keep me on the excited side.  My nerves are starting to get…well, nervous.


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