Such Characters

My oldest son and I will be driving down to Florida in my Town & Country minivan.  Our travel companions are his three youngest siblings.  Evolved will turn 24 during this vacation.  Never mind how old I am.  Jonebug will turn 3 the day we arrive.  Kimeters will be just shy of 15 and Miss Ivanka turned 5 this past August.  Depending on whether or not I drink on Thanksgiving, we’ll either start heading south right after the festivities or bright and early the next morning.  Hopefully this will be during a lull in the peak traveling season.

We will spend one night in a hotel on our trek down, then stop for a night or two at my boyfriend’s in Fort Lauderdale.  I’m excited to see his new apartment, anxious to revisit the ocean and ready to absorb some warmth and sunshine.  Sunday morning we’ll head for Walt Disney World in 2 seperate vehicles.

Bambi Jayne’s flight arrives at MCO 11:00 A.M. Sunday morning.  We’ll pick her up ourselves if we arrive early enough.  If not, my oldest daughter will arrive at Saratoga Springs via Magical Express.  Bambi will turn 28 on our trip.  That is a trip within itself.  Like I said…nevermind how old I am.

So I’m heading to the World in a matter of days…at the tail-end of my double-digit dancing.  It’s back to my “Not-a-Care-in-the-World” world!  I can’t wait to be there with my five wonderful babies and my fabulous boyfriend!

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