Getting Close Now!

Finally!!  A new Walt Disney World vacation is approaching.  It’s been over a year since my last visit and I’m beginning to feel entitled.  This trip will require slightly more planning than my carefree excursion last year, but will remain mostly unstructured.

♫ ♪  The more we go with the flow again, the happier we’ll be!  ♪ ♫

My spreadsheet contains park hours, confirmation numbers, discount codes and dining expense totals for our weeklong Birthday Bash.  An envelope contains park tickets and cash.  A pile of groceries is developing on the kitchen counter and is accompanied by its corresponding list.  The first aid kit and its list sit there too.  There are many items yet to be purchased and it’s still a bit early to be dragging out the suitcases, but the excitement builds a little each day.


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