September 20-Return to the Studios

Last day…last chance…but we’re just not interested in going to Animal Kingdom this trip.  The park of the day is Hollywood Studios.  We lag behind and get another late start–no surprise there.  We breeze through security and slide through the turnstiles–no problems. 

FASTPASS is first on the agenda.  Andy is going to be our legs and retrieve them but I’m unable to locate our park tickets.  They’re nowhere to be found!  We retrace my footsteps and scour the ground where I’ve just been.  It’s a very short distance from last having the tickets in my hand to the point of noticing they’re gone.  We come up with no passes.  There is no sense wasting time or stressing over it (but where the heck DID they go?), so we get replacements at Guest Services.   Thankfully, this is really easy.

At last…tickets in hand, Andy runs ahead to fetch our FASTPASSes.  As we near the attraction, I can see in his face, that they are already all gone.  The stand-by wait is too long to be considered so we…

 What did we do?!?!?  No notes, no photos…I just don’t know.  There was a lunch reservation…

 I am under the impression that we’ve used all of our counter service and made reservations at Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano to utilize our remaining table service credits.  Our meal here is acceptable as usual.  The food at Mama’s has been anything but splendid for the last few years.  Same goes for the service, but I like it well enough.  We fall in love with the Artisan breads and spreads appetizer and it disappears in a group gulp.

After our meal, I leave Anton with the check and take the kids outside.  We go into the Stage I Company Store to browse.  When Anton catches up to us he informs me that we were all out of table service credits, but have counter service remaining.  ugh.  oops.  I’ll be keeping better track next time as we would have preferred a counter service lunch today anyway.



We stroll by the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular which is only moments from beginning.  Anton has never seen this so we step inside.  Jonah and Hannah haven’t seen it either and it’s been years since Andy or I have been.  Everyone is all for it.  It’s an entertaining show.  Hannah and Anton really dig it.  We all like it actually, but it’s not an attraction we visit every trip.  It’s good that there are enough attractions to make each visit different from the one before.



It’s been threatening to rain all week and it’s beginning to cloud up.  Today looks like it might finally let loose.  We cross the park to check on Beauty and the Beast–Live on Stage.  None of us have seen this one…and one of us doesn’t care if he ever does.  Anton and I sit on the upper set of bleachers with the little guys as Andy walks on a bit further.  He’s off to ride Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster until we come to join him.

Beauty and the Beast is very colorful and I like it.  If you like the songs from the movie, what’s not to like about it?  I’ve heard that this is a great show and it’s been on Birnbaum’s BEST list, but I’m a bit let-down.  I feel like I’ve seen it 50 times.  Maybe I’d have liked it better towards the beginning of my trip.

We leave the theater early to avoid the exiting crowd.  It’s starting to spit rain.


We meet up with Andy.  The plan is to take turns riding Tower or Terror and Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster.  I get my ride on the Tower with Andy then take my post at the stroller.  I’m standing right next to the restrooms when Jonah vomits all over and begins crying.  I’m less than 10 foot away, but am reluctant to drag my vomiting child through the line that stretches through the door.  I stand like a deer in headlights processing my options.  I check the family restroom and it’s occupied.  My wait is short however and the door opens as a woman exits with her young son.  She notices my situation and tells me that she was in there for the same reason.

Anton and I clean up Jonah and the stroller inside.  I’m glad to have his help.  After we’ve cleaned the boy, his stroller and the restroom as well as we can, I try to locate a CM to inform him (or her) about the scene of the crime.  I find one fast enough but when I take him back to the vomit spot…it’s vomitless.  There’s no evidence of the incident at all.  It must be Magic, I swear.


I always have a change of clothes handy for the kids, but there’s nothing in the bag for me.  I’m wearing a white shirt covered with a nice brown puke stain and I reek!!  I quickly come up with a solution though.  I’ll get a new T-shirt from Rock Around the Shop.  I find it’s also a good excuse to get one of the nice thick white hotel towels at Tower Shops.

After a good vomit incident, seems like heading home is the best choice for what’s next.   I’m sad to leave but I’m tattered and torn and ready to be home.  There’s a long drive ahead of me and a short night of driving.


Of course, I  have to get lost trying to get out of Orlando.  I’ve driven out of here many times but I’m tired…let’s say exhausted.  Just before I exit incorrectly, I calculate that I will be coming upon my exit in 11 – 13 minutes.  So why is it, I get off only two minutes later?  I don’t know.  I’m going the scenic route I suppose.  As I’m driving off the ramp…I know I’ve screwed up but assume I will correct the situation by jumping right back on.  Then I see the sign that says no reentry.  I will not be able to get back.  I get to be creative in resolving this.  Rah.

In the meantime, Jonah throws up again.  The van smells gawd awful.  It looks like we’re in the Sea World and Convention Center area.  My handy compass, a few helpful road signs and some common sense (I’ve been lost here before in daylight) are my only saving grace.  Somehow we end up in the right direction and I find my highway of choice.

I sleep somewhere…not far from Orlando.  Tomorrow I’ll sleep in my own bed.

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