September 19-Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

We continue our lazy approach to vacation.  We sleep in late, slowly get ourselves ready, then take an uncrowded bus to the Magic Kingdom.  We walk directly to the Monorail and ride over to the Polynesian Resort for our lunch ressies at the Kona Cafe.  We’ve never eaten at Kona before….another first and we love it.Photobucket Jonebug seems to be unwell though.  He’s fussy throughout the meal and everyone finishes ahead of me. Kimeters gets up to photograph the yummy desserts on display then is off to visit Wyland Galleries of Florida a floor below us. Photobucket Photobucket AntCubed takes Miss Ivanka and Jonebug for a stroll through the lobby while I finish up my lunch–yummy!  I clean my plate then we reunite.  We tour the art gallery together.  The paintings here are beautiful. The sea theme is calming and all the bright colors uplifting.  We move on, but not before spilling our chocolate milk from the stroller onto the carpet.  I’m sure they’re just thrilled about our visit.PhotobucketAnother short monorail ride takes us back to the Magic Kingdom.  It’s already after 2:00 P.M. and the park closes at 7:00 P.M. for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  As much as I loved it the other night, it’s just too exspensive for all of us to do it again.  I’ll have to wait and show Miss Ivanka the parade next year.  With less than five hours to play, we need to get to it but still feel no need to rush.

Once inside the park, we hop aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad and ride over to Frontierland.  We gather FASTPASSes for Splash Mountain then head over to the Haunted Mansion to see our spirited friends.  We grab a FASTPASS for Peter Pan’s Flight while in the vicinity.  Miss Ivanka really loved it earlier in the week and wants to ride with her daddy today.  We head back over to Splash Mountain to use our FASTPASSes there. Photobucket I decide I’m first to ride with Kimeters so AntCubed stays in the Laughin’ Place playground with Hannah and Jonah.  When Kimeters and I arrive at the FASTPASS return, I notice I’ve screwed up on the time.  We’re an hour early.  Instead of running back to inform AntCubed, Kimeters and I dash over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and take a brisk zip through Tumbleweed.  Then AntCubed and I swap positions.  He takes his turn on the coaster with Kimeters while I supervise in the play area.  Rider Swap and FASTPASS have made Walt Disney World vacations a very different experience for me–vastly improved from earlier days! Photobucket Photobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucket Next stop is Fantasyland for Peter Pan’s Flight.  Kimeters and I wait patiently outside and people-watch while AntCubed soars the skies of London and Neverland with Jonebug and Miss Ivanka.  Near the ride exit, I look on as a lucky family receives a Disney dream.  I envy them without even knowing what they’re getting.  It makes me smile.  Soon, my family appears at the ride exit and we move on. Photobucket We walk next door and drop in on Donald Duck at Mickey’s Philharmagic. We do love this attraction, but don’t stop in at every visit. It’s been a while since we’ve seen it, clearly time for our return. We enjoy the show then head to Mrs Potts’ Cupboard for sundaes.  We take our treats over to the seating area near Ariel’s Grotto.  The kids play in the water spurts while we enjoy our ice cream.PhotobucketPhotobucket Finally, it’s time for our Splash Mountain appointment.  I’m being more assertive with my ride time this trip and I’m having a blast!  I choose to ride twice with the Rider Swap pass while Kimeters and AntCubed takes turns watching over the kids.  Kimeters stays first as Jonebug is asleep in the stroller.  Miss Ivanka makes friends easily and truly enjoys the Laugin’ Place.  I ride with AntCubed and it feels a bit strange.  We never get to ride together–another first!  Then we’re seated in front–OMGosh! another first!  We get a little wet and have a lot of fun!  AntCubed swaps spots with Kimeters and I ride again.  Yee-haw!!!





After Splash Mountain, we finish off the park in Tomorrowland.  I intend to hit the TTA and ride until we’re kicked out but there’s a line for it…..I don’t do lines for TTA.  We go through Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin a couple times instead.  I carry Miss Ivanka onto the attraction against her will, but she finds nothing to fear here and willingly rides twice more.




The park is really starting to fill up now.   The costumes are great and so much fun to see.  It’s time for us to go but we don’t wanna.  We’re definitely coming back for Halloween again!


Everyone is hungry so we discuss our eating options.  We plan to head back to All Star Music then to Downtown Disney for a bit of shopping.  Maybe we should grab something at the Intermission Food Court?….or wait until we get Downtown and choose something there.  We’re too hungry to wait on anything anywhere and we don’t want to fight a crowd to get it.  We want to eat now.  Then we realize we don’t have to go back to our hotel before continuing our fun.

We hop on the empty bus to Saratoga Springs resort and opt to eat at the Artist’s Pallette.  This is our home resort and we like it here a lot.  We have a nice meal with virtually no waiting and eat exactly the kind of fresh food that we like.  A short walk to the dock and we’re onboard a Friendship boat to our shopping destination.  I’ve really enjoyed the flow of this trip.

Photobucket Up the ramp past the Rainforest Cafe, I head straight for the kitchen store.  I hit Mickey’s Pantry first and am optimistic I’ll find the elusive macaroni and cheese here.  I look through the entire store two or three times and it’s just not here.  Lots of other cool stuff though.

Disney’s Pin Traders is next.  We’ve never been able to walk past this shop–a must stop.  Ghirardelli’s for a chocolate sample is another no-brainer.  And the world’s largest Disney store is next.  After maneuvering through here I am too haggard and worn for any more.  The World of Disney Store at Downtown Disney is best visited during slower times.  I have no desire to purchase anything there when this place is packed….just not as much fun at all. Besides, it’s time for bed and I’m getting cranky.




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