September 14-We Arrive!

Waking up on vacation should happen naturally. I refuse to let the alarm clock dictate this for me. Still, I have no problem waking early and hustle around the room packing and organizing. Hannah and I head out to the free hot breakfast buffet, leaving the lazy boys behind to sleep a little longer. We eat our breakfast while watching news coverage of Hurricane Ike. Sorry for all he’s affected, I’m relieved that we won’t be meeting Ike on our vacation.
We wake the boys and feed them.  I pack up the van and we’re on the road again! I’m getting drunk on all the sunshine!


Four uneventful hours on the road and we’re home again!! Andy welcomes us back. I’m loving his smile and ready to have fun, fun fun. I get a little silly when I first arrive. 


At the front desk, we’re greeted with more smiles! Our room is ready and we’re upgraded to a preferred location in Jazz. It’s been a long time since we stayed in a value resort. I still love All-Star Music and am glad to be back. We go to our room, unpack a few items and decide to grab something to eat at the food court. Once we’re there though, we change our minds and head back to the room. 




I always wonder what I’ll forget to bring with me on vacation, this time it’s our annual passes!!! This is what I get for all my non-planning, I guess. Hopefully someone back at home can find the passes and read me the numbers over the phone. I know I can have them replaced if I have this information. I start to feel a little stress over it, but dismiss it. This will not be a problem….don’t let it be!

Anton arrives around 4PM and moves the heavier items from my van. We are all hungry so I call Disney Dining to find out where we ‘re going. The Maya Grill at the Coronado Resort has a table available for us almost immediately. We’ve eaten there before and we like it. We love the resort in general. Since we are already in the neighborhood and our reservation is only 15 minutes off, it’s the obvious choice….easy enough. While on the phone, I ask ahead for dining reservations for Monday and get us into The Wave. It’s a new restaurant at the Contemporary Resort…..very happy that I’ll get to try it out!

We pile into the van and two left turns later, we arrive at the Coronado. We get to our table almost immediately. Our server is well-informed and courteous. I’m so happy to be back at the World!! Our meal is perfect and we fill up fast. We order our desserts to-go and stomp the grounds a bit before leaving. I’ve heard many people on the boards claim that the Coronado is a bad place to stay with your kids, but I’d stay here with mine anytime. 


Back at All-Star Music, we can’t resist the pool and go for a dip before heading to bed. Watching a movie on the big screen, poolside is new and fun for us. I feel like I’m on vacation and this is a great thing!


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