September 13–Follow the Magic

Leaving home around 7:30 A.M. is not a bad start for me. I’m without my usual spreadsheet of park information, confirmation numbers and advanced dining reservations. This trip is going to be my stress-free, “Without a Care in the World” tour. It will be a test of my WDW knowledge.  I’m nervous and excited about how it will play out.
We make a quick stop at IGA for last minute items and we’re off to see that castle. It’s a beautiful sunny day and it feels great to be on the road again. I’m ready to drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive.



Our first stop is for tacos and fuel in Paducah. Andy and I notice quite a few patrons in camouflage and assume that everyone is really into hunting here. I wonder what’s in season in their neck of the woods. As I drive away, I see a large GanderMtn store next door. Aah. The camouflage dudes were on their lunchbreak. It’s always consumer season!



Our second stop is in Birmingham……where I decide to choose a new route. I also decide to wait until I find the new road before stopping for fuel again. The kids are asleep and I want to maximize the distance behind me before waking them. Finding the new road is a tiny bit stressful. Trying to read a map/directions while driving in an unfamiliar big city can be difficult. Making no mistakes, I find the road though and decide right away I like it. But it’s a state road and we’re in a mostly residential area.

Big Birmingham Flag

Where are the gas stations?!?!?!?! There are none in sight! I freak as my DTE reads 8 miles!!! Worried that I might end up lost, I stop at a house and ask for directions to the nearest station. There is a man here working on a kids’ bike. He never looks up at me but informs me there is a BP around the corner……but there may be no gas there. No gas?!?! No way am I spending MY DISNEY vacation in Birmingham, Alabama. We drive directly to the fuel station two blocks away and purchase the 10 gallon limit at $4.20/gallon. Phew! We’re back on track.

The New Road

Next fill up is at a Kroger somewhere and the price $3.99. Our final stop is very late but we make it all the way to Valdosta! I was hoping to get at least this far today and we sleep at the La Quinta Inn there. The girl behind the desk is Disney quality. She’s out-of-her-way helpful and very friendly. Our room is spacious and clean. I connect to the Internet, take a shower, eat a small snack and go to bed. Only 4 hours from Walt Disney World now!!! I’m excited, but sleep comes easily tonight.

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