Oswald is Back?!?

Who knew?  I’m guessing many people were aware of this, but I just discovered tonight that Walt has Oswald back!  He lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1928 to Universal Studios.  Which is lucky for us because that’s kind of how we got Mickey Mouse.  I don’t think I could love a rabbit the way I love my mouse.  In 2006, Disney traded off Al Michaels for the return of Oswald!  How cool!  The Lucky Rabbit is back where he belongs.

I need to better understand our family connection to Ollie Johnston.  I’ve been told that we share roots in our family trees.  I want to subscribe to ancestry.com so I can see the public records.  If you were to go to ancestry.com and search for Oliver Johnston, born 1912, died 2008 in California…..then go to the “Family Tree” tab, you’ll see Weatherford there!!  I want to see those records.  It’s our Disney connection.  Again, how cool!

Watch the movie, “Frank & Ollie.”  You’ll hear them mention Tuscola, IL!!  They bring it up as one of their commonalities.  They met in California and became friends then discovered that their mothers were both from a tiny little midwestern town called Tuscola, IL near Champaign-Urbana.  How about that?  Cool?


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